St. Rita

May 22nd
May 22, 1457

About St. Rita

St. Rita was a female saint living during the 14th and 15th century in Italy. Although she was married at any early age to an abusive husband, with whom her relationship lasted for more than 18 years, she was a model wife who prayed constantly for her husband. Even after her husband died in a feud, she discouraged her sons from trying to seek revenge. Following their death, Rita entered the convent in Cascia.

Today, St. Rita is know as the patron saint for abused women, mourning wives and impossible causes. Many women turn to her during times of despair, after a death in the family or even after a divorce. She is often depicted in artwork and on medals in a religious sister's habit, with roses or a rose crown

Patronage Types

Family Life Patron of Widows
Patron of Difficult Marriages
Patron of Those Physically Abused by Spouses
Medical Concerns Patron Against Infertility
Patron of the Sick
Patron Against Sickness
Patron Against Sterility
Occupation Patron of Desperate Situations
Personal Struggles Patron of Abuse Victims
Patron of Impossible Causes
Patron of Lost Causes
Patron of Parenthood
Patron Against Loneliness