Saints related to Patron-of-brewers

    Short Bio
  • St. Augustine of Hippo
    St. Augustine is perhaps the most famous convert in Church history. Although born of a saintly mother, he fell away from Catholicism and led a dissolute life. Eventually he became dissatisfied his life and his longing for truth led him back to the Church. He was baptized at age 33, later became one of the most illustrious bishops and theologians of the Church.
  • St. Boniface
    St. Boniface was instrumental in spreading Christianity in the Frankish empire in the 8th century. Loyal to the Pope, he worked hard to remove pagan customs and heretical ideas that had crept into the Church. It is for his work propagating the Church that he was martyred.
  • St. Dorothy
    One of the many Martyrs of the Diocletian Persecution, St. Dorothy went to her heavenly Spouse on February 6, 311 A.D. after many torturers and sufferings.
  • St. Lawrence
    St. Lawrence was a deacon who lived in the 3rd century, a time of great persecution of Christians in Rome. He was brought before a judge, who ordered a slow, painful death, that he be grilled over a small fire. As he was dying, St. Lawrence joke, "Turn me over, I'm done on this side."
  • St. Luke
    St. Luke the Evangelist was born a Greek and a Gentile and is believed to have been a physician prior by profession. A convert to Christianity, he followed Saint Paul and wrote the third Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles.
  • St. Wenceslaus
    St. Wenceslaus was born to the Duke Of Wraistlaw near Prague around 903-907. He studied the faith with St. Ludmila, his grandmother. Wenceslaus took charge of the government in 922. He was killed by his brother Boleslaus and his followers in 935. In 938 his body was moved to Prague's Church of St. Vitus by order of Boleslaus.