Saints related to Patron-of-printers

    Short Bio
  • St. Augustine of Hippo
    St. Augustine is perhaps the most famous convert in Church history. Although born of a saintly mother, he fell away from Catholicism and led a dissolute life. Eventually he became dissatisfied his life and his longing for truth led him back to the Church. He was baptized at age 33, later became one of the most illustrious bishops and theologians of the Church.
  • St. Genesius
    St. Genesius was an actor in the third century in Rome. As he was performing a play that made fun of Christians for the Emperor Diocletian, St. Genesius was given the grace of conversion and instantly declared himself a Christian. The emperor became enraged and handed him over to be tortured and martyred.
  • St. John the Baptist
    Saint John the Baptist was the great prophet long waited for in the Old Testament; he came preaching a baptism of repentance in preparation for the Messiah. St. John baptized Jesus in the Jordan, following which a dove descended on Christ and a voice was heard from the heavens, proclaiming "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased."
  • St. Lucy
    St. Lucy lived in Syracuse in the early fourth century and was a virgin martyr of the Diocletian persecution. Refusing to marry a pagan, St. Lucy was turned over to the governor and she was tortured and killed. According to legend, as part of her tortures, her eyes were put out.