Saints related to Patron-against-toothaches

    Short Bio
  • St. Apollonia
    St. Apollonia died a virgin martyr in Alexandria c. 248 A.D, before the Decian persecution broke out. Dragged forward by a violent mob for being a Christian, all of her teeth were smashed out. She was then led to a fire and given the choice between blasphemy and being burnt alive. She willing chose the fire.
  • St. Christopher
    St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, is one of the most popular saints. Besides the fact that he was a martyr of the early Church, little is known for sure of him. According to his legend, St. Christopher carried the Christ child on his shoulder across a river.
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary
    St. Elizabeth of Hungary was born in 1207, daughter of the King. She was happily married and was known for her generous acts of charity towards the poor and sick. At the death of her husband, she devoted her life fully to prayer and works of charity.