Saints related to Patron-against-snakes

    Short Bio
  • St. Patrick
    St. Patrick was captured by Irish pirates as a teenager. After escaping his enslavement, he became a priest, then bishop, and went back to Ireland to preach the faith. He established churches and monasteries, and converted many people.
  • St. Paul
    St. Paul the Apostle was born Saul at Tarsus, Cicilia. He was a persecutor of the faith until his conversion. After his conversion, he was a passionate and powerful promoter of Christianity and tirelessly preached to the Gentiles. He traveled many places and set up new churches where he went. He was beheaded in Rome around 65 A.D., maybe 67A.D..
  • St. Remigius of Reims
    St. Remigius, born in 437 A.D., was ordained as the Bishop of Reims, France at age 22. He earned the title of Apostle of the Franks for his zeal for the conversion the Frankish people. St. Remigius died in Reims in 533.