Saints related to Patron-of-basket-makers

    Short Bio
  • St. Anthony of Egypt
    Giving away all of his worldly possessions at age 20, St. Anthony retreated into the desert to live a life of penance and prayer. Inspired by his holy life, disciples gradually drew to St. Anthony, adopting his asceticism and living in monastic communities. He considered the father of monasticism.
  • St. John the Evangelist
    Born to Zebedee and Salome, St. John the Evangelist grew up around the sea of Galilee. He is one of the most privileged of the disciples, witnessing the transfiguration. He was the only disciple who was stood at the foot of the cross during Christ's passion and after Jesus' death, St. John had the great honor of being the guardian of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is also credited with writing three Epistles and the fourth Gospel and the book of Revelation.