Saints related to Patron-of-handicapped-people

    Short Bio
  • St. Angela Merici
    St. Angela Merici started her religious life as a Franciscan tertiary, but soon she found her vocation in instructing young girls, teaching them the truths of the Faith. She established a school and founded the Ursuline sisters, an order of teaching nuns, the first of its kind.
  • St. Fina
    St. Fina lived around 1253 A.D. in the Italian town of San Geminiano. Her family was poor and physical suffering plagued her all her life. Because of her heroic endurance of suffering and sickness, St Fina has been named the patron saint of handicapped people.
  • St. Germaine
    St. Germaine Cousin was born near Toulouse in 1579. After the death of her mother, her father remarried and St. Germaine was treated harshly. She worked as a shepherdess and was made to sleep in the stables. She died at the age of 22 her body was later found to be incorrupt.
  • St. Giles
    While there is not much known about Saint Giles, he was a popular saint during the Middle Ages. Born in the seventh century somewhere in Greece, he became a hermit in France, seeking solitude in the woods. Later some disciples joined him and they formed the monastery of St. Gilles. He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.
  • St. Henry
    St. Henry was born to the Duke of Bavaria and his wife in 972. He succeeded as Duke of Bavaria at the age of 23, and seven years later became the elected emperor. Henry was not happy about becoming emperor, but in 1014 he visited Rome and received the imperial crown. He was a responsible monarch whose passion for justice was equal to his religious zeal. Together with his wife, he established many pious foundations, supporting many churches and monasteries and making provisions to bring relief to the poor.