Saints related to Patron-of-fishermen

    Short Bio
  • St. Andrew
    St. Andrew, brother of St. Peter, was chosen to be one of the original twelve Apostles. After Christ's resurrection, he is believed to have preached the gospel and established the Church in Eastern Europe, where eventually suffered martyrdom. According to tradition, he was crucified on an X-shaped cross.
  • St. Anthony of Padua
    Wanting to join the Franciscan martyrs, St. Anthony left his native Portugal and set sail for Morocco, but his ship providentially wrecked off the coast of Italy. There St. Francis himself appointed St. Anthony to go preach. His preaching made him famous and he is still known for the astounding miracles her performed and the great conversions he brought about.
  • St. Peter
    St. Peter was born Simon, the brother of Andrew, at Bethsaida. Peter was a fisherman who became one of the first followers of Jesus and was ordained by Christ as the first pope. He was martyred by Nero about 65 A.D. and was succeeded by Pope Linus.