Saints related to Patron-of-people-rejected-by-religious-orders

    Short Bio
  • St. Henry
    St. Henry was born to the Duke of Bavaria and his wife in 972. He succeeded as Duke of Bavaria at the age of 23, and seven years later became the elected emperor. Henry was not happy about becoming emperor, but in 1014 he visited Rome and received the imperial crown. He was a responsible monarch whose passion for justice was equal to his religious zeal. Together with his wife, he established many pious foundations, supporting many churches and monasteries and making provisions to bring relief to the poor.
  • St. Louise
    St. Louise de Marillac was born in Meux, France in 1591. After her husband passed away, she helped organize a group of women volunteers to assist St. Vincent de Paul in caring for the poor. In 1634, St. Louise and the women took her vows, forming the Sisters of Charity, St. Louise as the first Superior.