Saints related to Patron-of-pilgrims

    Short Bio
  • St. James the Greater
    St. James the Greater was one of the original twelve apostles. The son of Zebedee, he is often referred to as “the Greater” as a way of distinguishing him from the apostle James, brother of Jude. St. James the Greater preached in Spain and was later martyred back in Jerusalem in the first official persecution of the Church.
  • St. Nicholas
    St. Nicholas dedicated his life to serving God as a priest, and then as a bishop. One of the best known stories of St. Nicholas is one where he saved three girls from slavery by paying their dowry. His legends led way to his being associated with Santa Claus.
  • St. Pius X
    Pope St. Pius X was born Giuseppe Melchiorre Sarto on June 2nd, 1835. His term as Pope began on August 4th, 1903. He was a fierce advocate for traditional Catholic doctrines, and is credited with the publication of the Code of Cannon Law. He died in Rome on August 20th, 1914.