Saints related to Patron-against-rheumatism

    Short Bio
  • St. James the Greater
    St. James the Greater was one of the original twelve apostles. The son of Zebedee, he is often referred to as “the Greater” as a way of distinguishing him from the apostle James, brother of Jude. St. James the Greater preached in Spain and was later martyred back in Jerusalem in the first official persecution of the Church.
  • St. Kilian
    St. Kilian was born in Ireland in the seventh century. He was a monk, then a missionary with two followers, evangelizing in Franconia. He successfully converted the Duke of Wurzburg. He died around 689 A.D. Some legends say that the Duke of Wurzburg's wife ordered the missionaries' death.
  • St. Maurus
    St. Maurus was born a Roman noble in the sixth century. He became St. Benedict's assistant at age twelve. It is believed that St. Maurus rescued St. Placidus from drowning. He died around 584 A.D.