Saints related to Patron-of-womens-army-corps

    Short Bio
  • St. Genevieve
    St. Genevieve was born in Nanterre, near Paris, in 422. When she was a child, she met St. Germain of Auxerrem who prophesied that she would be a saint. She is known as the patroness of Paris, because of her efforts to protect the city from Atilla the Hun.
  • St. Joan of Arc
    When St. Joan of Arc was 16, heavenly voices revealed to her that God wanted her to save France. She courageously led French forces to a number of victories over the English in the Hundred Years War. Eventually, the English took her prisoner and tried her for heresy. She was convicted on false evidence and burned as a heretic. It wasn't until 500 years after her death that she was finally canonized.