Saints related to Patron-of-catholic-action

    Short Bio
  • St. Gabriel Possenti
    St. Gabriel was born in 1838 and grew up in Piedmont, Italy. Although he was very worldly in his youth, resolved to become a Passionist, in fulfillment of a promise he had made when he was seriously ill. After entering the monastery, he quickly reached a high degree of sanctity, before he died of tuberculosis at age 24.
  • St. Paul
    St. Paul the Apostle was born Saul at Tarsus, Cicilia. He was a persecutor of the faith until his conversion. After his conversion, he was a passionate and powerful promoter of Christianity and tirelessly preached to the Gentiles. He traveled many places and set up new churches where he went. He was beheaded in Rome around 65 A.D., maybe 67A.D..