Saints related to Patron-of-clergy

    Short Bio
  • St. Gabriel Possenti
    St. Gabriel was born in 1838 and grew up in Piedmont, Italy. Although he was very worldly in his youth, resolved to become a Passionist, in fulfillment of a promise he had made when he was seriously ill. After entering the monastery, he quickly reached a high degree of sanctity, before he died of tuberculosis at age 24.
  • St. Gabriel the Archangel
    The Angel Gabriel served as God's messenger in several places in the Old and New Testament, but most importantly in connection with the Incarnation. He announced the birth of St. John the Baptist to Zachariah and the incarnation of Son of God to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • St. Thomas a Becket
    St. Thomas A. Becket started his career as a friend of King Henry. King Henry petitioned the Pope on St. Thomas's behalf when the post of Archbishop suddenly became vacant. Henry reasoned that their friendship would allow him to gain more control over the Church in England. However, St. Thomas allied with the Church, and the two friends became foes. Thomas was killed at the base of the Canterbury Cathedral alter by the swords of medieval knights seeking the favor of a King.