Saints related to Patron-against-epidemics

    Short Bio
  • St. Francis Xavier
    St. Francis Xavier was born to nobility in the Basque region of Spain in 1506. He met St. Ignatius while studying at the University of Paris and become one of the first Jesuits. He was later sent as a missionary to India and Japan, where he converted and baptized thousands.
  • St. Remigius of Reims
    St. Remigius, born in 437 A.D., was ordained as the Bishop of Reims, France at age 22. He earned the title of Apostle of the Franks for his zeal for the conversion the Frankish people. St. Remigius died in Reims in 533.
  • St. Roch
    St. Roch was born in 1295 with a red cross birthmark on his chest. After being orphaned at age 20, he made a pilgrimage to Rome where he cared for plague victims. He fell to the plague himself, but recovered with the aid of a dog. Upon his return to Montpellier, Roch was accused of being a spy and imprisoned. He never revealed that he was the son of the former governor. Whether his identity was discovered before or after his death depends on the story.