Saints related to Patron-of-india

    Short Bio
  • St. Francis Xavier
    St. Francis Xavier was born to nobility in the Basque region of Spain in 1506. He met St. Ignatius while studying at the University of Paris and become one of the first Jesuits. He was later sent as a missionary to India and Japan, where he converted and baptized thousands.
  • St. Rose
    St. Rose of Lima was born on April 20, 1586. She took a vow of chastity and helped her parents and other poor by embroidering. She was a mystic and a visionary, and suffered many mental and physical afflictions. She died at Lima on Aug. 24, 1617.
  • St. Thomas the Apostle
    St. Thomas the Apostle was known for being impetuous, courageous and both skeptical and faithful. He gained the nickname “Doubting Thomas” because he would not believe the other Apostles when he was told that the Lord rose on Easter Sunday. A week later, Jesus appeared to the apostles again and Thomas made the the proclamation of Faith "my Lord and my God."