Saints related to Patron-of-large-families

    Short Bio
  • St. Edwin
    St. Edwin was the son of King Ella of Northumbria. A pagan by birth, he converted to Christianity as an adult and was zealous for the conversion of his subjects. He died in battle in 633, defending his country against the pagan King of Mercia and thus regarded as a martyr.
  • St. Matilda
    Saint Matilda was the wife of King Henry I, and served as ruler of the Saxon Ottonian dynasty for a time. She was often caught between the politics of her two sons, Henry and Otto, both of whom criticized her due to her generous alsmsgiving. She constructed many churches and monasteries. She died in 968 A.D.
  • St. Thomas More
    Thomas More was born in 1478 in London, England. St. Thomas More spent the greater part of his life writing, primarily in defense of the Catholic church. His best known work is "Utopia", written in 1516. Henry VIII appointed him as the Lord Chancellor. He refused to show allegiance to the King as being the Head of the Church of England and was tried and convicted of treason. He was beheaded in 1535.