Saints related to Patron-of-the-homeless

    Short Bio
  • St. Edwin
    St. Edwin was the son of King Ella of Northumbria. A pagan by birth, he converted to Christianity as an adult and was zealous for the conversion of his subjects. He died in battle in 633, defending his country against the pagan King of Mercia and thus regarded as a martyr.
  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary
    St. Elizabeth of Hungary was born in 1207, daughter of the King. She was happily married and was known for her generous acts of charity towards the poor and sick. At the death of her husband, she devoted her life fully to prayer and works of charity.
  • St. Luigi Orione
    St. Luigi Orione was born in 1872 in Pontecurone, Italy . As a seminarian, he opened a school to provide a Christian education for poor young men. He was ordained a priest and founded the Hermits of Divine Providence and the Ladies of Divine Providence.
  • St. Margaret of Cortona
    St. Margaret of Cortona was born in 1247. She eloped with a nobleman after her father remarried. Her lover died nine years later, and she and her son took refuge with the Franciscan Friars in Cortona. She became a Franciscan tertiary and cared for the sick poor, later forming a congregation of Tertiary Sisters known as le Poverelle and founding a hospital. She died in 1297.