Saints related to Patron-of-boys

    Short Bio
  • St. Dominic Savio
    Dying at age 15, St. Dominic is one of the younger saints of the Church. Born in Italy in 1842, he was known for his piety even as a young child. He attended the school run by St. John Bosco and achieved sanctity in a short time by heroically living his vocation as a student.
  • St. John Bosco
    St. John Bosco was born Becchi, Italy in 1815. After having been ordained a priest, he began to work with the street urchins in Turin. Having lived in poverty himself, he treated them with the greatest kindness and compassion. He opened schools and provided shelters for the homeless boys.
  • St. Nicholas
    St. Nicholas dedicated his life to serving God as a priest, and then as a bishop. One of the best known stories of St. Nicholas is one where he saved three girls from slavery by paying their dowry. His legends led way to his being associated with Santa Claus.