Saints related to Patron-against-hydrophobia

    Short Bio
  • St. Dennis
    St. Dennis (Denis) lived around 200AD and was sent from Italy as a missionary to Gaul (modern day France). He became the first bishop of Paris and was later martyred by beheading.
  • St. Hubert
    St. Hubert was born at Maastricht, Netherlands in 656. He was a courtier who led worldly life and spent most of his time hunting. However, he experienced a profound conversion and after the death of his wife, he gave up everything and and became a priest and was later was appointed Bishop of Liege.
  • St. Walburga
    Born around 710 at Devonshire, England, St. Walburga entered Dorset's Wimborne Monastery as student at age 11. She became abbess of a dual monastery at Heidenheim founded by her brother Willibald. She was superior for both male and female monasteries until death in February 779.