Saints related to Patron-of-cattle

    Short Bio
  • St. Cornelius
    Elected Pope after the terrible persecution of Decius, St. Cornelius addressed the Christians who had lapsed during the persecution, stressing both the need for penance and the possibility of pardon. Pope St. Cornelius died a martyr himself, during the reign of Emperor Gallus in the mid-third century.
  • St. Drogo
    St. Drogo was born in 1105 to Flemish nobility and lived primarily in France. He worked as a shepherd for several years before an extreme physical affliction drove him to live as a hermit. He spent the remaining 40 years of his life doing penance.
  • St. Patrick
    St. Patrick was captured by Irish pirates as a teenager. After escaping his enslavement, he became a priest, then bishop, and went back to Ireland to preach the faith. He established churches and monasteries, and converted many people.
  • St. Perpetua
    St. Perpetua was converted to Cristianity in 203, during the reign of Emporer Septimus Severus. She was arrested for being a Christian, along with four others. St. Felicity was one of the four imprisoned with her. They were set against beasts in the arena. Unharmed by the enrage cow set against her, St. Perpetua was beheaded.