Saints related to Patron-against-fever

    Short Bio
  • St. Colette
    St. Colette was born on 1380 in Picardy, France. She established seventeen convents of strict Poor Clares, called the Colettines, while working to reform existing Poor Clare monasteries.
  • St. Cornelius
    Elected Pope after the terrible persecution of Decius, St. Cornelius addressed the Christians who had lapsed during the persecution, stressing both the need for penance and the possibility of pardon. Pope St. Cornelius died a martyr himself, during the reign of Emperor Gallus in the mid-third century.
  • St. Genevieve
    St. Genevieve was born in Nanterre, near Paris, in 422. When she was a child, she met St. Germain of Auxerrem who prophesied that she would be a saint. She is known as the patroness of Paris, because of her efforts to protect the city from Atilla the Hun.
  • St. Petronille
    Little is known about the virgin St. Petronille. She is said to be the spiritual daughter of St. Peter, who cured her of palsy. She either died in bed after a three day fast in her refusal to marry a Count Flaccus, or she was persecuted and killed for refusing to betray her faith. She is included as a martyr in the 4th century Christian martyrologies.
  • St. Raymond
    St. Raymond was delivered by Caesarian in 1204. His mother died during the birth. St. Raymond joined the Order of Mercy and, following St. Peter Nolasco in Barcelona, was their chief ransomer for Christian hostages. After his money ran out, he gave himself in exchange for the prisoners, and endured many tortures. St. Peter Nolasco gave his ransom and upon his release, St. Raymond was made a Cardinal. He died the next year in 1240.
  • St. Remigius of Reims
    St. Remigius, born in 437 A.D., was ordained as the Bishop of Reims, France at age 22. He earned the title of Apostle of the Franks for his zeal for the conversion the Frankish people. St. Remigius died in Reims in 533.