Saints related to Patron-of-nurses

    Short Bio
  • St. Agatha
    St. Agatha was a second century woman born in Sicily. Agatha in embracing chastity and rejected the advances from men angered a Roman Judge. When Agatha rejected his advances she was humiliated, imprisoned and tortured, finally dying a martyr for the faith.
    St. Agatha is depicted in art with symbols that represent the torture she underwent including embers, a knife, shears, and tongs. She usually is shown wearing a crown of flowers or holding a palm branch to symbolize her purity. Many times she is depicted holding a plate on which lie her breasts.
  • St. Camillus
    St. Camillus de Lellis was born in Bocchianico, Italy. In his youth, he was a soldier and fought with the Venetian army against the Turks. Eventually St. Camillus experienced a conversion, and overcoming his gambling addiction, he began to help the sick. He founded the Ministers of the Sick and several hospitals in Rome and Naples.
  • St. Catherine of Siena
    St. Catherine was born in Italy in 1347. Although she had no formal education, she became the adviser to princes and popes, even admonishing the pope to return the papacy to Rome. Because of her mystical writings, she is a doctor of the Church.
  • St. John of God
    For many years before his conversion, St. John of God was a soldier by profession and led a dissolute life. After hearing St. John of Avila preached, he decided to devote his life to helping the the sick and the poor. He established the Order of Hospitallers of Saint John of God and Order of Charity.
  • St. Raphael the Archangel
    St Raphael is one of the three Archangels mentioned in Sacred Scripture, along with Gabriel and Michael. His best known appearance is in the Old Testament book of Tobit. During this book, he does several works of healing. He is traditionally attributed as the Angel in John who stirred the waters of Bethsaida.