Saints related to Patron-against-stomach-diseases

    Short Bio
  • St. Charles Borromeo
    At a young age, St. Charles Borromeo was named a cardinal and he soon was appointed Archbishop of Milan. He participated at the Council of Trent of 1562 and he worked tirelessly to reform the Church and to preserve her unity.
  • St. Timothy
    Timothy was the son of a converted Jewess and a Greek father. He joined St. Paul and soon became a close friend and confidant of the saint, even being circumcised and accompanying Paul on his second mission trip. Timothy became the first bishop of Ephesus. He was stoned to death in 97.
  • St. Wolfgang
    St. Wolfgang of Ratisbon was born in Swabia, Germany, and educated in Switzerland by Benedictines. He became bishop of Ratisbon in 972 on orders of Emporer Otto II. Tutor to the boy who became Emperor Henry II, Wolfgang was a tireless advocate of reform, education and the poor. He died at Puppingen, Linz, Austria in 994.