Saints related to Patron-of-musicians

    Short Bio
  • St. Cecilia
    St. Cecilia, virgin and martyr, is the patroness of music. Legend has it that while she was being wed, she heard beautiful music coming from heaven. Her husband respected her vow of virginity and was converted, and they both died martyrs for the Faith.
  • St. Dunstan
    St. Dunstan was born near Glastonbury, England in the year 909. He became abbot of Glastonbury and restored several monasteries that had been demolished by the Danes during their incursions.
  • St. Genesius
    St. Genesius was an actor in the third century in Rome. As he was performing a play that made fun of Christians for the Emperor Diocletian, St. Genesius was given the grace of conversion and instantly declared himself a Christian. The emperor became enraged and handed him over to be tortured and martyred.
  • St. Gregory
    St. Gregory was born in 540, in Rome, Italy. He became a Benedictine monk and was unanimously elected pope in 590. His was zealous and composed a significant amount of works. He is known for contributions of liturgy of mass and is one of the four doctors of the Latin Church.
  • St. Paul
    St. Paul the Apostle was born Saul at Tarsus, Cicilia. He was a persecutor of the faith until his conversion. After his conversion, he was a passionate and powerful promoter of Christianity and tirelessly preached to the Gentiles. He traveled many places and set up new churches where he went. He was beheaded in Rome around 65 A.D., maybe 67A.D..