Saints related to Patron-of-firefighters

    Short Bio
  • St. Catherine of Siena
    St. Catherine was born in Italy in 1347. Although she had no formal education, she became the adviser to princes and popes, even admonishing the pope to return the papacy to Rome. Because of her mystical writings, she is a doctor of the Church.
  • St. Eustachius
    St. Eustachius was a general of the Roman army. While hunting, he saw a vision of Christ's crucifixion and instantly converted to Christianity. Because of his conversion, he lost his family and property and was later martyred in Rome during the reign of Adrian.
  • St. Florian
    St. Florian was a third century Roman citizen who had a very prestigious position in the army in Noricum; he oversaw brigades for firefighting and for military battle. He was told to make a sacrifice to the gods, but St. Florian refused and was beaten and martyred.