Saints related to Patron-of-carpenters

    Short Bio
  • St. Anne
    St. Anne, or Ann, is the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus. She was married to St. Joachim and according to tradition, the holy couple was childless for many years, before they received the Blessed Virgin Mary in answer to their prayers.
  • St. Joseph
    Most people recognize St. Joseph for his role in the Christmas story, as the husband of the Virgin Mary as well as the foster father of Jesus. Because of his blessed death, assisted by the Child Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Joseph is the patron of a happy death.
    Typically shown as a robed and bearded man. Often shown with carpentry tools, a lily and the child Jesus.
  • St. Matthias the Apostle
    St. Matthias was the replacement Apostle for Judas, chosen by casting lots. He joined the Apostles after the Ascension of Jesus and was with the Apostles during the descent of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost.
  • St. Wolfgang
    St. Wolfgang of Ratisbon was born in Swabia, Germany, and educated in Switzerland by Benedictines. He became bishop of Ratisbon in 972 on orders of Emporer Otto II. Tutor to the boy who became Emperor Henry II, Wolfgang was a tireless advocate of reform, education and the poor. He died at Puppingen, Linz, Austria in 994.