Saints related to Patron-of-librarians

    Short Bio
  • St. Catherine of Alexandria
    Because of her great wisdom, St. Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of philosophers. According to tradition, she converted following a vision and denounced the emperor, Maximinus. She successfully debated the pagan philosophers and converted many to Christianity. She was beheaded around the year 305 A.D, dying a virgin martyr.
  • St. Jerome
    St. Jerome born in Dalmatia in 347. His legacy is that of a scholar, devout Christian, and major contributor as both a historian and letters. He was also a gifted translator, and his translation of the bible into Latin, known as the Latin Vulgate, is by far his greatest contribution.
  • St. Lawrence
    St. Lawrence was a deacon who lived in the 3rd century, a time of great persecution of Christians in Rome. He was brought before a judge, who ordered a slow, painful death, that he be grilled over a small fire. As he was dying, St. Lawrence joke, "Turn me over, I'm done on this side."