Saints related to Patron-against-infertility

    Short Bio
  • St. Colette
    St. Colette was born on 1380 in Picardy, France. She established seventeen convents of strict Poor Clares, called the Colettines, while working to reform existing Poor Clare monasteries.
  • St. Felicity
    A noble woman of Rome during the second century, St. Felicity and was arrested and ordered to sacrifice to an idol. She refused and as punishment, she was forced to watch as each of her seven sons were killed, one by one. Months later, she suffered martyrdom herself.
  • St. Fiacre
    St. Fiacre was raised in County Kilkenny at a Kilferagh monastery. He became known for healing, which caused him to seek out a hermitage in France. In Maux, he built a hospice for the poor and for travelers, and he also build an oratory to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • St. Giles
    While there is not much known about Saint Giles, he was a popular saint during the Middle Ages. Born in the seventh century somewhere in Greece, he became a hermit in France, seeking solitude in the woods. Later some disciples joined him and they formed the monastery of St. Gilles. He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.
  • St. Philomena
    St. Philomena was a Greek princess in the 3rd century who was martyred at a young age. She refused Emperor Diocletian and was subject to torture. She was eventually decapitated. Her tomb was discovered in the nineteenth century.
  • St. Rita
    St. Rita was married at any early age to an abusive husband for more than 18 years and had two sons by him. He was killed in a feud. Her two sons also died. After their death, she entered the convent in Cascia, where she lived until she died.