Saints related to Patron-of-kings

    Short Bio
  • St. Casimir
    Patron saint of Poland and Lithuania, Prince Casimir was born in Krakow in 1461. Though raised in the royal palace, he led a life of great penance and prayer. He assisted his father in the governance of Poland and died at the the young age of 23.
  • St. Edward
    The son of King Ethelred, St. Edward was born in Islip, England in 1003. A.D. After Danish invaders took the English throne, St. Edward and his family fled and sought refuge in Normandy. He returned to England in 1042 and was proclaimed king.
  • St. Edwin
    St. Edwin was the son of King Ella of Northumbria. A pagan by birth, he converted to Christianity as an adult and was zealous for the conversion of his subjects. He died in battle in 633, defending his country against the pagan King of Mercia and thus regarded as a martyr.
  • St. Henry
    St. Henry was born to the Duke of Bavaria and his wife in 972. He succeeded as Duke of Bavaria at the age of 23, and seven years later became the elected emperor. Henry was not happy about becoming emperor, but in 1014 he visited Rome and received the imperial crown. He was a responsible monarch whose passion for justice was equal to his religious zeal. Together with his wife, he established many pious foundations, supporting many churches and monasteries and making provisions to bring relief to the poor.
  • St. Louis
    Saint Louis was born in 1214 to King Louis VII and the saintly Queen Blanche. Greatly influenced by his mother, he was considered pious even from his youth. At age 22, he ascended to the throne and ruled France justly, helping the poor and promoting the Christian faith.