Saints related to Patron-of-ireland

    Short Bio
  • St. Brigid of Ireland
    St. Brigid of Ireland is believed to have been born around the year 453 in Faughart, Ireland. At the age of 15, she devoted herself to the service of God, becoming a nun. She later founded several convents in Ireland and is the only native patron of Ireland.
  • St. Kevin
    St. Kevin is was born in Ireland c. 498. He was ordained a priest and lived as a hermit for years. As disciples gathered around him, he eventually founded Glendalough monastery, in County Wicklow.
  • St. Malachy O'More
    Saint Malachy O'More was born in 1094 in Ireland. He became archbishop of Armagh and was renowned for his miracles, visions and prophetic writings.
  • St. Patrick
    St. Patrick was captured by Irish pirates as a teenager. After escaping his enslavement, he became a priest, then bishop, and went back to Ireland to preach the faith. He established churches and monasteries, and converted many people.