Saints related to Patron-of-cancer

    Short Bio
  • St. Agatha
    St. Agatha was a second century woman born in Sicily. Agatha in embracing chastity and rejected the advances from men angered a Roman Judge. When Agatha rejected his advances she was humiliated, imprisoned and tortured, finally dying a martyr for the faith.
    St. Agatha is depicted in art with symbols that represent the torture she underwent including embers, a knife, shears, and tongs. She usually is shown wearing a crown of flowers or holding a palm branch to symbolize her purity. Many times she is depicted holding a plate on which lie her breasts.
  • St. Peregrine
    St. Peregrine Laziosi was born into wealth and privilege in Forli, Italy. He was vehemently opposed to the Catholic Church in his youth. St. Peregrine converted to Christianity after experiencing St. Philip's humility and forgiveness. St. Peregrine joined the Servite Order in Siena and eventually founded a monastery in his hometown. He died in 1345.