Saints related to Patron-of-sailors

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  • St. Anthony of Padua
    Wanting to join the Franciscan martyrs, St. Anthony left his native Portugal and set sail for Morocco, but his ship providentially wrecked off the coast of Italy. There St. Francis himself appointed St. Anthony to go preach. His preaching made him famous and he is still known for the astounding miracles her performed and the great conversions he brought about.
  • St. Brendan
    St. Brendan was an Irish monk and priest who lived in the 6th century. He sailed on many missionary trips around the British Isles and founded several monasteries. He is known as one of the "Twelve Apostles of Ireland."
  • St. Brigid of Ireland
    St. Brigid of Ireland is believed to have been born around the year 453 in Faughart, Ireland. At the age of 15, she devoted herself to the service of God, becoming a nun. She later founded several convents in Ireland and is the only native patron of Ireland.
  • St. Christopher
    St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers, is one of the most popular saints. Besides the fact that he was a martyr of the early Church, little is known for sure of him. According to his legend, St. Christopher carried the Christ child on his shoulder across a river.
  • St. Clement
    St. Clement was the fourth Bishop of Rome, dying a martyr around 100 A.D. He is one of the Apostolic Fathers and his writing, the "Epistle to the Corinthians" is considered one of the earliest extra-biblical Christian writings and has been preserved to this day.
  • St. Elmo
    St. Elmo is an abbreviation for the name Erasmus. He served as the bishop of Foremiae, Campagna, Italy and was martyred during the Diocletian persecution. He is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers.
  • St. Lucy
    St. Lucy lived in Syracuse in the early fourth century and was a virgin martyr of the Diocletian persecution. Refusing to marry a pagan, St. Lucy was turned over to the governor and she was tortured and killed. According to legend, as part of her tortures, her eyes were put out.
  • St. Michael the Archangel
    St. Michael is one of the best loved of all saints in the Catholic tradition because of his strength and dedication to God. Many people make a daily practice of praying the “Saint Michael Prayer,” which asks St. Michael to be a defender and protector. St. Michael is the patron of numerous things, including police officers and those in the military.
    Winged angel typically in roman centurion garb, holding a sword. Often shown standing with his foot on the Devil's head