Saints related to Patron-of-europe

    Short Bio
  • St. Benedict
    Born around 480, St. Benedict is not only the father of the Benedictine order, he is also considered to be the founder of western monasticism. He wrote the "Rule of St. Benedict" which became the norm for monasticism and he founded a dozen monasteries himself, including the famous Monte Cassino, where he lived.
  • St. Bridget of Sweden
    St. Bridget was the daughter of a wealthy governor from Uppland, Sweden. She married and was very devoted to her family. After the death of her husband, she dedicated her life entirely to God, through prayer and works of charity. She was received many mystical favors, such as conversing personally with Christ and his Blessed Mother.
  • St. Edith Stein
    St. Edith Stein was born into a Jewish family in 1891 at Breslaw, Germany. She converted to Catholicism, eventually becoming a Carmelite nun. Although her order tried to save her from the Nazis, she was taken and died in the concentration camps at Auschwitz.